Sunday, February 6, 2011

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Who does not love ice-creams? 
Everyone loves the creamy, delicious and ‘coolest’ dessert in the world! Even those who say they don’t are simply dieting or have a cold! 
The origin of Ice creams is dated back to the time when Emperor Nero asked for some ice to be fetched from the mountains and ate it with fruits. Over the years the resources became abundant and several Ice cream recipes emerged from nowhere. Soon the markets of every town, big or small, flooded with Ice creams in all kinds of flavors.
Ice cream is one thing which is cold but is relished in summers as well as winters. There are several flavors available today in the market and some of them happen to be more popular than the others.

1. Vanilla

The most popular Ice cream flavor is Vanilla. The flavor of Vanilla comes from a plant called vanilla planifolia. This plant is grown mainly in Madagascar. Few other places where it is grown include Tahiti and Mexico. The flavor has gained popularity because of its amazing taste. Another reason why it is so popular is also because of its flexibility of being mixed with any kind of ice cream.

2. Chocolate

The chocolate ice creams happen to be the next one in line for popularity. The reason is again the taste and the way it can be combined with nuts, made in to syrups, mixed with desserts and ice creams of course. The way the chocolate flavor is used in ice creams differs from Vanilla flavor. Sometimes the chocolate is mixed with the ice cream after making a powder out of it and sometimes syrup is made out of it to pour it over the ice cream.

3. Strawberry
Another popular flavor in ice creams is Strawberry. The reason for its popularity is the freshness of the fruit which is transferred to the ice cream and the sweet n sour taste which makes the ice creams even more delightful!

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I love Vanilla!  What do you think?

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  1. Love Ice Cream!!!!
    Chocolate is the best!!

  2. I will always be the strawberry ice cream guy

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  3. this'll sound wierd but
    vanilla in the kitchen
    chocolate in the living room
    straberry in the bedroom

  4. I don't like chocolate ice-cream as much as I prefer having chocolate syrup poured onto the ice-cream

  5. vanilla

  6. I love vanilla too, but love chocolate and strawberry :D

    if you want... enter in my blog i'll be following yours

  7. i personally prefer vanilla because it's white.

  8. I love chocolate. Always chocolate. :)

  9. I'd put strawberry before chocolate, but vanilla definitely #1!

  10. Chocolate all the way. Add some nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows.. Think that's usually called Heavenly Hash.